What’s good for New South Wales is good for Australia. We are one of the most diverse and growing states in the nation. People look to us as the oldest and most prosperous of the states and territories. And we’re only just getting started. From high speed rail to protecting our natural beauty, from improving infrastructure to easing traffic congestion in the city, there is still much that needs to be worked on. I know this state like the back of my hand. I’ve criss-crossed it numerous time by rail, car, bicycle, and plane. I’ve paddled it’s rivers, and trekked into it’s mountains. And everywhere I go I’m inspired by the people that I meet. I see my job as bringing people together, making them realize that we’re stronger working side by side than going head to head. Doesn’t matter if you’re city or country, what matters is that you love and respect your state and country and want to get to work!