Quality of life can be improved in so many aspects of Australia, and Miles believes the economy can benefit alongside. Immigration is huge issue that Miles has plans to reform. High speed rail between our major cities and regional centres and start easing some of the over-crowding and urban sprawl that are putting Sydney and Melbourne under too much pressure. House buyers are having to look further out but are still expected to travel in for work! We need to bolster regional industry, thereby creating more jobs and attracting more families to make the move. This requires investment in infrastructure, a state of the art broadband network, and a diverse energy portfolio. It can be done!

Miles has always had a passion for education and youth development. He’s currently working with community groups to outline strategies for tackling obesity in under 25’s through nutrition awareness and sports leagues. He plans to tailor similar programs for at-risk youths. The discipline, routine, and mateship of sport and outdoor recreation is a proven deterrent to anti-social and disaffected sentiments in our younger generation. Miles has twenty years of P.E. teaching experience to back it up!