Miles Holbeck has served the education system for upwards of twenty years with a focus on physical health and fitness. A former P.E. teacher, his knowledge of leading and motivating youths has inspired him to become active in politics. As of 2015 Miles has been gathering support at a grass roots level in his south eastern-suburbs community in Sydney. He plans to take local and nationwide issues to the senate and hold the Government accountable.

            Miles is staunchly independent and will remain unaligned to either major party. He has been a member of the Liberal Party in the past but is intent on favouring neither party as a sitting senator.

            Along with his wife and two daughters, Miles is a well known member of the local community, organizing blue light discos for under eighteens, training the lifeguards of tomorrow, and organizing Clean Up Australia teams for more years than he’d care to remember.

            Miles’s love for the outdoors has taken him all over Australia. From the beautiful beaches of the N.S.W south coast to hikes in the Kimberlys, to kayaking in southern Tasmania, Miles has met Australians from all walks of life. These lifelong travels have confirmed for Miles that Australia is a nation of people with good common sense ideas who need to be heard. The constitutional democracy we are lucky enough to operate under allows for all voices to be heard, if we treat the system with respect and decency.